IPE Management School, Paris-France has an International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) UK collaboration, MBA graduates from IPE management school will be allowed to enroll on the IPMA program leading to the award of Certified International Professional Managers. An Internationally recognized Professional Certificate.

International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) is an international Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional body formed for the purpose of providing members with the opportunity to participate and be a part of the process of improving managerial performance effectiveness. IPMA has the objective of improving the key skills required for effective management.

IPMA’s qualifying examination scheme requires students to complete 6-levels of examinations and assessment. The mandatory qualifying stages are;

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate,
  • Professional Part 1,
  • Professional Part 2
  • Completion of a 6 months Professional Qualifying Research Project
  • A-12-month practical Internship program

However, with the International Recognition of IPE certificates worldwide, MBA Holders will be exempted from all five level-membership qualifying examination thus; you will only be required to write and pass one case study examination and complete a project work. BBA holders on the other hand will be given the opportunity to enter from Professional Part 2.

After successfully passing the case study examination and completing your project work you will be awarded a certificate as a CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL MANAGER and again be admitted as professional member at the level of certified member or certified fellow depending on your number of years of experience.

This is an opportunity being offered to graduates of IPE to join the International community of Certified International Professional Managers.

For further information on this subject, kindly visit ipma.co.uk