IPE Management School Paris has developed its Bachelor programmes to meet the needs of organisations. Profound studies based on relevant theory are consequently oriented towards practical translation. Therefore their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes are sophisticated Undergraduate studies meeting the expectations of national and international employers for excellent career opportunities of our Graduates.

The wide official national and international recognition of IPE Degrees is the evidence for their success.The Bachelor Degrees of IPE Management School can be studied in many countries around the globe, in their campuses in Paris or in carefully selected and accredited Higher Education institutes around the globe, including the Strabsnet International Centre for Distance Learning.

Very soon this international orientation will be further underpinned by French-British Dual Awards. This will enable an IPE student upon successful completion be awarded with the Degree of IPE Management School Paris and an additional Bachelor Degree by a British University.

Their forward looking approaches provide highest value for their students and their career prospects.The curriculum of both the BBA and BSc courses is research-based and focused on latest knowledge. As a Grande Ecole embedded practice-orientation is a must.